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The D3 expansion module features 18 multi-colour LED keys which can be programmed to provide a wide choice of functions, these keys can be can be easily configured and labelled via the phone's web interface or directly from the phone itself. The D3 has a large high quality display which provides a perfect visual interface. The D3 is simply connected via the USB cable and is ready to use. Up to three D3 expansion modules can be daisy-chained to add up to 54 function keys to your phone. The D3 Expansion Module is compatible with the Snom D315, D345 and the D765 and connect via the phones USB port.
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  • 18 configurable self-labelling multicolour LED keys
  • High-resolution black &amp white display with backlight
  • Daisy chain up to 3 modules
  • Plug and play
  • Compatible with the Snom D315, D345 and the D375
  • Power supplied by phone via USB port*
  • Supplied with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty

* When two or three modules are used with one phone, a separate power supply needs to be connected to the second module.

View D3 Data Sheet for full list of technical specifications